How To Get Rid Of Old Satellite Dishes

Then just backfill the hole with a little dirt. Also to know is, how do i dispose of an old satellite dish?

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If its aluminum, somone will haul it away for free!

How to get rid of old satellite dishes. Took about 30 minutes to remove the satellite dish from the ground be careful not to cause more problems when. How to remove satellite dish at home yourself. The sizes of these nuts will vary, but most are 1/2” (for directv) or 7/16” (for dish network).

You always have people collecting stuff like that from the curb. According to a representative from dish, “the dish, or antenna, is the property of the customer.”. You may have to dig out around the pole a little more to get it out.

Many people believe it is the responsibility of the satellite service provider to remove the equipment since they are the ones who installed it, but this is not the case. The tenant is actually responsible to remove their satellite dish. Better still, put the dish out on the curb side, someone will just take it.

Then, while bracing the dish, remove the lag bolts that are holding the dish antenna to its mount. The satellite service, be it tv (directv, dishnetwork) or internet (hughsnet, viasat/exceede), has no obligation to remove the dish. Our removal services include standard satellite dishes, large satellite dishes, small tv antennas and very tall antenna towers.

Dial the customer service line for the company you bought your dish from and ask them about the best. According to mydish, they work with best buy when it comes to satellite dish recycling. I just wiggled it a bit and it came out easy.

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Some do side business install decoder+dish to receive taiwan channels that are not available in astro. Get rid of it now it’s time to actually get rid of your satellite dish. To remove the dish correctly, first loosen the bolts and nuts holding the dish to the mounting bracket and gently lift it off to remove the dish separately from the mount.

One thing i would make sure of is that the bolt holes are fully filled with. Simply bring your satellite dish to the best buy customer service desk and they'll collect your satellite dish. An afternoon with a set of wrenches and i was able to remove everything except the metal pole and concrete.

I got rid of a big ass satellite dish that was unnecessarily taking up space in my yard, did a minimal amount of the work to get rid of it, and made $100 in the process. I had one of those dishes in my yard when i bought my house 12 years ago. Just like your tv set, refrigerator, washer/dryer, radio, etc.

See each page for additional details. Dig up around the base of the pole and pull it out. Poor guy probably spent more than that in gas to get it all the way back to illinois, but i’m sure he factored that into his offer.

Feb 17 2012, 02:30 pm. When removing the satellite dish from your roof, we recommend searching for a satellite removal service in your area. I'm sure it took me 3 hours of manual digging, etc.

Contact your satellite provider and tell them you want to ditch your dish. First, we always recommend that you check to see if any friends or family members want to use it. Fill in the hole with caulk or putty and allow it to dry.

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Got a electric saws all and cut it up into little pieces, took it to the scrap yard and got about $30. Dish disposal removes and recycles all kinds of unsightly satellite dish receivers and antennas from residential and commercial properties. Remove the dish from the post, which will leave an open hole in the bottom.

Unscrew the coaxial cable(s) that are connected to the lnb and move them away from the satellite dish. Chances are there is some concrete holding it down. The directv dish should now be ready for complete removal.

If you aren't entirely sure what to do with your old satellite dish and you don’t have a way to recycle it into its component parts, you could always get crafty with it. Transform your dish network satellite dish into a birdbath or bird feeder. Mine was just a pole in the ground, no concrete.

Once your dish is off your roof, contact local scrap vendors in your area. According to techwalla, some folks have found ways to turn their old dishes into makeshift spartan or captain america shields for play fighting. It was cemented into the ground, royal pita to get the whole thing taken out.

Ive done it with and old dtv dish and a dish network dish. According to mydish, best buy has received and disposed of over one billion pounds of electronics and appliances. How much does satellite dish removal cost?

For a faster, more affordable way to get rid of a satellite dish, schedule a professional satellite dish disposal pick up from loadup experts near you. Upon install it is yours. Drill four holes around the rim of the dish, at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock marks.

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Best part is, the dish was all aluminum so i took it to a junkyard and they gave me $80 for it. It wasn't dish or directv, it was whatever the 3rd company was in the 90s before they went under. If you are unable to find one, you can try reaching out to a local roofing company to see if they will provide this service.

Faster than waiting for dtv techs to pick it up.

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